Our portfolio offers a complete suite of services aimed at advancing your adoption of new technologies and processes to resolve your operational challenges and improve your effectiveness and efficiency. These changes will help you provide more value to your customers and stakeholders.

We are experts in end-to-end engineering from RAN to CORE domains with a 24/7h remote plus local delivery model also specialized in technical mobile network project management, wireless network optimization and network audit.

Network Configuration Audit

  • Multi-vendor Baseline parameter review
  • RAN and CORE parameter alignment
  • Signaling and Traffic capacity review
  • Traffic management strategy review
  • Spectrum usage strategy review
  • Multi-vendor CM review y analysis

Network Planning Services

  • Multi-vendor cost effective network planning (green field / expansions)
  • Coverage Planning (integral indoor/outdoor)
  • Multi-vendor Capacity Planning
  • Spectrum usage/reframing
  • Multi-vendor HW configuration services

Network Optimization Services

  • Multi-vendor Coverage/Capacity Optimization
  • Multi-vendor Parameter optimization
  • LTE/VoLTE optimization services
  • Vendor specific features optimization (Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia)

Network Configuration Management Tool

  • Multi-vendor script generation for parameter changes
  • Multi-vendor script generation for creation/deletion of neighbors and external cells
  • Multi-vendor CM export import